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Strange Motorcycle Engine Noises and Their FixStrange Motorcycle Engine Noises and Their Fix

Part of being a pro rider is to pinpoint the unusual behavior of your motorcycle. Well, it’s not just good riddance with crappy maintenance. Just like any other machine, motorcycles require proper maintenance and repairs. However, even with these, any unusual mechanical noises from your engine or other motorcycle parts are worth being investigated. They can be as little as new clicks or rattles or just ticks from a loose plate. Do not ignore it! Some may be warning signs of a major underlying problem on your machine while others are just minor problems.

From the moment you crank the engine, you should listen carefully to identify the noise and its source. Here are some of the strange sounds that you’d want to check out:

●     Sudden ticks

Rhythmic tick sounds are one of the most cumbersome sounds to track down and diagnose. More often than not, the ticking sound … Read More

3 Ways To Stretch Your Dollar on a Homestead3 Ways To Stretch Your Dollar on a Homestead

There has been renewed interest in homesteading in recent years. Once reserved as a lifestyle choice for those considered out of touch with modern living, the family homestead has been embraced by a generation concerned about the environment and preserving traditional practices. Whether you are just starting to explore homesteading options or you have already begun your journey toward more self-reliant living, there are some hacks that experienced homesteaders have found can help stretch your family’s budget. 

1. Make Things Work Double Duty

One of the easiest ways to save on the homestead is to use each tool or piece of equipment for more than one task. If you have a few goats or sheep, you probably don’t need a tractor dedicated to hay production. Instead, make your farm truck work double duty by adding hay bale moving equipment to it. 

2. Buy Things Second Hand

Some items, particularly large-ticket ones, … Read More

Why Trenchless Pipe Repair Is a Good IdeaWhy Trenchless Pipe Repair Is a Good Idea

If you have ever had to tear up your lawn or yard to repair a sewer line, you understand the pain that goes into it. You not only destroy your home’s landscape, but you also spend more time and money. Here is why trenchless line repair is a real lifesaver.

Environmentally Friendly

Trenchless sewer line repair requires the use of specialized equipment and techniques. It doesn’t result in ecological damage since you will not dig up the earth and hurt plants. Also, trenchless pipe repair involves minimal digging, implying that you don’t unearth harmful toxins from the ground.

Faster Method

Now that you won’t be digging up large trenches, you get a quicker sewer line repair for the customer. Nobody would like a sewer line fixing crew to stay in the compound for weeks. When you opt for trenchless techniques, the work will be completed in a few days.

Durable Read More