3 Ways To Stretch Your Dollar on a Homestead

There has been renewed interest in homesteading in recent years. Once reserved as a lifestyle choice for those considered out of touch with modern living, the family homestead has been embraced by a generation concerned about the environment and preserving traditional practices. Whether you are just starting to explore homesteading options or you have already begun your journey toward more self-reliant living, there are some hacks that experienced homesteaders have found can help stretch your family’s budget. 

1. Make Things Work Double Duty

One of the easiest ways to save on the homestead is to use each tool or piece of equipment for more than one task. If you have a few goats or sheep, you probably don’t need a tractor dedicated to hay production. Instead, make your farm truck work double duty by adding hay bale moving equipment to it. 

2. Buy Things Second Hand

Some items, particularly large-ticket ones, lose a huge chunk of their value as soon as they are purchased. Yet, they are often designed for years of reliable service. Use this to your advantage by shopping for second-hand items. A couple of palces to look for savings include heavy equipment, vehicles, clothing and animal supplies. You aren’t limited to only buying things second hand. You can really save by getting creative with repurposing things around the homestead, too. 

3. Embrace Bartering

It is unrealistic to think you will meet all of your household needs from your own property. That doesn’t mean you will have to buy in supplies, though. Long before there was paper money (or even coins, for that matter) people exchanged goods and services with each other. They did this through bartering. This allows you to share your excess with others while taking in things you cannot or do not produce yourself. Bartering can play a vital role in the modern homesteading experience. 

Homesteading takes on many forms, but they share an embrace of sustainability and self-reliance. Many of the principles that boost your budget, such as buying second hand and using tools that perform multiple tasks, also further those ideals.